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Texas Based Expert Electronic Evidence Services for Forensic Investigations of Computers and Mobile Devices

Access Locked Apple & Android Phones with CFSI's Advanced Forensic Investigations Services

Get Full File System Extractions from Mobile Devices both Apple and Android.

Cellebrite Premium Granting Access to Critical Evidence.

At Computer Forensic Services, Inc., we conduct eDiscovery Document Processing and Legal Hosting Review to  Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Investigations, and Expert Witness Services for "Large and Small Scale" Litigation and Pre-Litigation Matters.

We provide industry leading access to both computer and mobile devices. We offer Remote Data Collections of Computers, Mobile Devices, Online Webmail and Online Storage Sites such as Dropbox, Box, Drive, Slack, Team, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo and others.
We conduct Employee Trade Secret Theft and Malware Investigations.

Recognized as Texas Best Forensic Firm!

Types of Forensic Services 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters



Computer Forensic Investigations which includes the data collection, preservation, and examination of many types of digital media.

Process of Mobile Repair

Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics

We collect and analyze data from over 30,000 devices to include Jtag/Chip Offs and ISP extractions from damaged and difficult to image devices.  We can unlock Apple iPhones and Samsung & Other Android Devices.

Communication Tower

CDR, GPS and Cell Tower Location 


Cell tower analysis and mapping is the process of using call detail records (CDRs) provided by cell phone companies to determine a phone’s geographic location at certain times and at certain events



DISCO Ediscovery is an end-to-end ediscovery solution that provides next-generation SaaS review technology to give law firms, corporations, and government agencies total control over their data, workflows, and costs.

Car Dashboard Controls

Vehicle Forensics

Automotive forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data stored in automotive modules, networks and messages sent across operating systems. 

Fitness App

Social Media Collections

Our experts at CFSI collect, preserve and produce social media evidence from social media platforms that will be admissible in court.  Social media includes more than just social networking sites.

DJ Set

DVR Recovery and Analysis

DVR recovery of video and metadata from DVR surveillance systems in a forensically sound manner.


Expert Testimony  and Reports

We provide expert testimony in hearings, trials, depositions, affidavits, declarations, and expert reports.

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