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We provide reliable electronic evidence services for forensic investigations

At Computer Forensic Services, Inc., we conduct simple eDiscovery document processing and hosting to complicated forensic investigations, both "large and small scale"

Types of Services 

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Computer Forensics

A computer forensic investigation involves the collection, preservation, and examination of various forms of digital media. We specialize in collecting and examining digital evidence. Desktop, Laptop and Server computers, Mobile Devices, USB Devices, and Cloud Data, as well as data mapping: we identify the locations and volume of potentially responsive ESI and establish collection models and procedures to ensure legally sound evidence data collection.


Cell Phone Forensics

Mobile forensics is a subset of digital forensics, the retrieval of data from an electronic source. Specifically, mobile forensics deals with recovery evidence from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We use leading technology from Cellebrite and Paraben to forensically recover data from smartphones, cellphones, and tablets. This is same technology used by law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies.CFSI analysis and reporting includes email, SMS, MMS, Social Media, calendars, photos, video, and internet history.

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CDR/ Cell Tower Analysis

Cell tower analysis and mapping is the process of using call detail records (CDRs) provided by cell phone companies to determine a phone’s geographic location at certain times and at certain events (such as when a mobile device sends or receives a phone call, text message, or application data, or when it pings a cell tower to locate itself on a cellular network). When these events are accurately mapped and analyzed, you can see a snapshot in time of where a phone was located, where it traveled, how the user of the phone was interacting with it, and other significant unknowns and patterns of behavior.


Vehicle Forensics

Automotive forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data stored in automotive modules, networks and messages sent across operating systems. Vehicles are equipped with a CAN BUS network which enables automotive modules to operate on, messages are broadcasted across the CAN BUS network and can be recovered under forensically sound conditions. We conduct forensic analysis on automotive systems that reveal identification data, crash data, historic faults and errors from all types of vehicles. 


Experts Testimony

We can provide and have provided expert testimony in hearings, trials, depositions, affidavits, declarations, and expert reports.

Additionally, CFSI can provide and validate evidence protocols of other experts to insure proper methodologies and procedures have been followed and adhered to insuring accurate and consistent results.


Electronically Stored Information

CFSI can seamlessly provide these services post collection of ESI for review and production. We cull collected ESI prior to processing to control cost and create efficient process for review and production. Allow CFSI to consult with you, which of our hosting solutions best suits your needs for the duration of your case. Our hosting solutions store data in data center’s that are SSAE No. 16 SOC 1, SAS 70 Type II certified.


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